It’s a familiar scenario. Payroll is due, and Mary didn’t have time to get it done during an extremely busy and stressful work week. It’s Saturday morning, and as she groggily sips her coffee, she thinks, “I’ll just go into the office for a couple of hours and knock this out, and then it’s back to my relaxing weekend!”

She gets to the office, slips into her chair, and starts up her computer. So far, so good. But when she tries to pull the information she needs to do the payroll chores, she finds she has no access to the database she needs. She restarts her computer once, then twice. Then she’s really annoyed and frustrated. Payroll has to get done, and she gave up her Saturday morning to do it.

What happens next is the really important part. She can call your IT guy if you have one, but he’s off camping in the mountains. Or, she can call your IT management company and they tell her they’ll have someone out, maybe, by the end of the day. Or it could be Monday. She hangs up the phone and puts her head in her hands. She has enough work stress–who needs this? Guess who gets the next phone call? You.

This type of experience is a clear signal that you have the wrong IT management company. Senior living communities are unique, and many are unnecessarily struggling. Let’s talk about some common IT problems senior living communities face, and why RSN Technologies is the perfect solution.

You’re Not Alone–Senior Living Communities Often Face These Problems

Let’s face it. Many senior living communities were built before the digital age. Along the way, attempts were made to catch up, but they just created more problems such as:

  1. A lack of appropriate infrastructure.

Ownership changes and an array of IT staff likely have applied patch fixes in an attempt to solve persistent problems. This has led to a piecemeal infrastructure that can’t support daily office functions. It also doesn’t support the residents, who might want to be able to purchase access to the internet or cable TV in their rooms. This makes for unhappy residents, and you know how that can affect everything from the smooth running of your communities to referrals. Seniors are demanding more technical amenities these days, and that’s a trend that will continue.

  1. No one understands your current system.

All those different owners. All those different IT people. Or even if your community has had consistent ownership, staff comes and goes. Is there anyone left who actually knows how to use all of the technology? There’s remote control software on there from several different providers, but which one knows what? 

  1. Your IT management company just doesn’t get it.

Waiting many hours for someone to solve an IT problem just isn’t acceptable. Today’s senior living communities in particular have a serious responsibility, are often understaffed and overworked, and lack of access to the information they need can throw everything into disarray, leading to stress and frustration for both residents and staff.

These problems are maddening, but not unsolvable. All you need is the right partner.

We Understand and Care About Senior Living Communities

We’re problem solvers. And at RSN, we live, eat, and breathe IT specifically for senior living communities. Everyone in our company understands the dedication it takes to work with the elderly, and we have nothing but admiration for the selfless folks who do this work.

To us, you’re not a customer. You’re a partner, and we’ll work together every step of the way to develop an IT strategy, along with policies and procedures. Together, we’ll turn your technological disarray into an efficient, productive, and cost-effective system.

Did we mention our guaranteed response time is 2 hours?
But we’re usually there faster than that. 

Speaking of cost-effectiveness, we have solid systems, certified technicians, and we know senior living communities inside and out. Experience has taught us what works, and we use that accumulated knowledge to create the optimal infrastructure without blowing your budget. 

We’ll manage your IT so you can focus on what you do best in a worry-free technology environment:

  • We’re a trusted partner with a proven track record.
  • We’ll design an infrastructure that meets your requirements by leveraging our years of experience, whether it’s for existing sites, acquisitions, or new construction.
  • RSN has a large wheelhouse. We offer our expertise for everything from day-to-day support to leading-edge cloud solutions.  

“I have worked closely with RSN for the past 6 years and I am extremely happy with their level of expertise and their attentive and professional customer service. RSN makes my job a lot easier by skillfully managing all aspects of Enterprise Wi-Fi, Enterprise Voice, and IT management expertise. I’ve worked with RSN on multiple Wi-Fi and a new voice system installs and they’ve all been executed flawlessly. In particular, I have found them to be extremely helpful and responsive to everything I’ve thrown at them. They are always available to take my calls no matter the day or time and they also have gone above and beyond helping me manage the phone, cable, and Wi-Fi vendors with our new development projects. I really enjoy working with RSN and I cannot give them a higher recommendation, they are the best!”

Divisional Vice President of Operations

Expertise is great, but at the end of the day, it’s all about priorities. We work on our customers’ time, not our own. And working with senior living communities to solve their IT problems makes us feel good. Your trust is invaluable, and we know our customers are our greatest asset of all.

Let’s Get Going, Partner!

It’s time to build something great. Reach out and let’s talk about how we can move your technology into the modern age together.