Comprehensive IT Project Management for Your Senior Living Community

Imagine what you’ll accomplish, given the support of streamlined, synthesized, state-of-the-art information technology systems…

At RSN Technologies, creating, evaluating, and updating holistic IT systems and strategies for senior living businesses like yours is what we do.

Whether you’re seeking IT project management, systems analysis, implementation, or synthesis—we’ll ensure all your IT needs are covered, and then some.

    Why Choose RSN Technologies to Solve Your Senior Living Community’s IT Issues?

    In this day and age, senior living businesses can’t afford disruptions or glitches in your IT services and systems. From lost revenue to actual life and death consequences—modern senior living communities need to rely on their IT networks to function like clockwork.

    With our expertise in both operations and technology—RSN Technologies is uniquely suited to offer comprehensive, customized IT solutions for senior living communities like yours.

    1. Whether you’re acquiring a community and need your IT systems optimized and running smoothly…
    2. If you’re a new construction needing decisive IT support from the ground up…
    3. If you require IT project management for connected infrastructure needs…
    4. If you’re concerned your existing IT systems may not be as efficient and effective as they could be, leaving you vulnerable to cyber-attacks, sudden outages, and missed revenue…

    RSN Technologies has the expertise and experience you seek to ensure all your IT projects are handled thoroughly and cohesively.

    We understand the importance of reliable technology systems in the senior living industry—and we want to help your community run like it should.

    Because people count on you—you can count on us.

      What IT Services Does RSN Technologies Offer?

      We’re ready to meet you exactly where you are, with customized IT solutions to help you achieve all your goals for your senior living community.

      Our signature offerings include —

      • IT project management
      • IT solutions for new constructions
      • IT transitions and updates for new acquisitions
      • IT systems testing and evaluation

      No matter what IT services you select, RSN Technologies will align with your unique goals and needs—from beginning to end. Because we’re here for you.

      IT Project Management Services with RSN Technologies

      When it comes to your IT project management needs—we’ll take care of everything.

      From start to finish, top to bottom—it’s vital your IT projects are expertly planned, executed, and managed. With RSN Technologies, all your IT project management needs will be covered with our comprehensive services and expert team.

      We’ll even work with any and all of your vendors to design an IT network that functions seamlessly to address all your IT system needs.

      The best part of our IT project management services? Unlike most other IT service providers, RSN Technologies offers you operational support in addition to tech support.

      Because we’re fluent in construction and operations, our team will not only manage all your IT infrastructure—we’ll drive your operations processes forward as well.

      Our skilled operational staff will coordinate all your projects with cohesion and clarity—to ensure your success.

      Imagine the peace of mind you’ll feel, knowing all your IT systems are cohesive, all your vendors are on the same page, and your entire community infrastructure is reliable, customized, and comprehensive…

      When you trust RSN Technologies with your IT project management needs, you’ll gain both a strategic extension of your IT team and expert operations support—so you can focus on running your senior living community.

      Our IT project management support is customized to your unique needs. Our IT project management capabilities include —

      • Network systems, Wi-Fi systems, phone systems — we can set them up, maintain them, and assist you in troubleshooting any issues that occurSingle sign-on systems—we’ll streamline your system to reduce risks and errors, using windows or email logins to access to all your SaaS platforms
      • IT operations — we understand the operational side of senior living, so we know how to prioritize industry-specific needs. Senior living is an industry with unique technology needs. Unlike other industries, the stakes in senior living are high if these standards are unmet.

      Plus, RSN Technologies will ensure your IT projects are holistically managed—we’ll communicate directly with your vendors and ensure their accountability, and we’ll build a bridge between you and them—so no information gets missed or misinterpreted along the way.

      You deserve comprehensive IT project management services—to ensure your team and community run like they should.

      IT Systems Support and Development for New Construction

      When your brand new senior living community in development will need top-quality IT systems that will go the distance—Reach out to RSN Technologies.

      When you’re building a new senior living community from the ground up, you’ve already got enough on your plate without worrying about establishing a comprehensive, seamless IT system.

      Thankfully, you can trust the experts at RSN Technologies with designing and implementing a customized, holistic IT system to serve your unique senior living community needs and goals.

      We speak construction and will interface with all your vendors to ensure your IT networks are cohesive and work the way you need them to in order to get your new community up and running smoothly.

      Our collaborative approach will also promote accountability and oversight in all your vendors, keeping your project both on track and on budget—so you don’t have to worry.

      Our signature approach to comprehensive IT network design involves our expert team working closely with your vendors to ensure optimal performance and integration of all your IT systems, including—

      Our signature approach to comprehensive IT network design involves our expert team working closely with your vendors to ensure optimal performance and integration of all your IT systems, including —

      • Wi-Fi
      • Telecommunications
      • HVAC
      • CCTV
      • Nurse Call Systems

      Instead of cobbling together your IT systems and hoping for the best—you’ll rest easy, knowing your entire IT network was designed from the ground up for cohesive integration and ease of use.

      When it comes to your new construction—trust your IT network development and implementation to RSN Technologies. We’ll establish an IT system that meets all your needs, both now and in the future.

      Customized, Comprehensive IT Support for Your New Community Acquisitions

      When you’re onboarding a newly acquired senior living community — RSN Technologies will ensure a seamless transition for all your vital IT systems.

      It’s no secret—onboarding a newly acquired senior living community can cause you a lot of headaches.

      While growing your brand through bringing new communities under your banner is a great business strategy, it also creates its fair share of frustrations—especially when it comes to figuring out how to establish and integrate your IT systems.

      You’ve got to find a way to coordinate the IT systems your new community already has in place with the ones you prefer to use. And, ideally, you’ve got to do it with little to no downtime during the switch.

      Because you can’t afford disruptions to your community or team. Any bumps in the road can lose you vital connections and revenue, not to mention negatively impact the quality of life of your residents.

      Thankfully, RSN Technologies is here to make sure your path forward is straight and smooth.

      We’re experts at assisting owners and operators like you with bringing new communities into your portfolio and getting your optimal IT systems in place—quickly and seamlessly.

      How does RSN Technologies help you fold new acquisitions into your senior living community portfolio, so all your IT networks work together like a charm?

      When you trust us with your new acquisition IT project management needs, we’ll make your life easier by —

      • Working with your community’s offboarding IT group to connect to existing systems, and minimize any interference with your day-to-day operations

      • Working with your operations team to decide which systems should be replaced. We’re experts in budgeting, planning, and integrating all the IT systems your community needs

      • Limiting any IT disruptions to your employees and residents

      • Focusing on getting your community’s optimized IT capabilities up and running as quickly as possible

      We’ll also take into account your future goals in our holistic planning. If you’re hoping to flip the community in a few years’ time—we’ll fold this into our processes, making sure your IT systems are set up to be an attractive selling point to potential new operators down the line.

      No matter your IT system goals for your new acquisition—we’ll exceed them with our comprehensive, customized IT solutions.

      Expert IT System Testing and Evaluations

      When you need to know your IT systems are running optimally, and where they can be improved—RSN Technologies is ready with comprehensive support and assistance.

      Optimized IT systems are vital for most modern businesses—but they’re even more important for owners and operators in the senior living industry like you.

      Why? Because your residents and their families rely on you having IT systems they can count on. If a loved one’s family can’t contact them easily, it can lead to isolation and depression. If your nursing call or emergency response systems don’t function perfectly, lives could be at stake.

      It’s crucial for you to know your IT processes and networks are functioning to meet the needs of your team, your community, and their loved ones.

      That’s why RSN Technologies is proud to offer you our expert IT systems testing and evaluation services.

      Our team specializes in the unique intersection between IT and the senior living industry, and we’re masters at pinpointing where and how your systems need to be upgraded or optimized.


      Our expert technicians are ready to offer you comprehensive IT systems analysis. Our top-down evaluation of your current IT networks and systems will help you –

      • Identify gaps in your current IT systems, to find out where and why your profitability margins are sagging. Then, we’ll help you repair, to ensure no more revenue slips through the cracks.
      • Verify the root cause of any issues you’re experiencing by tracing them to the source. We’ll help you understand if your breakdown is a result of tech issues, or calls for additional staff education and training. This will help you focus on fixing your true areas of need.

      Because here’s the truth—if your tech isn’t working, your building can’t be profitable. It’s as simple as that.

      RSN Technologies has the experience and knowledge to locate exactly where your IT systems can be improved. We’ll ensure your entire network works like a charm.

      At RSN Technologies You’re Our Reason for Being

      We’re here to align with your unique goals and IT system needs—offering you customized IT support so your senior living community can run like it should.

      You deserve an IT service provider who listens, understands, and aligns with your specific goals for your senior living community.

      When you trust RSN Technologies with your IT network development and project management—we’ll take the time to understand your needs. We’ll honor both your timeline and budget, and create a customized, comprehensive plan that ticks every box on your IT wish list.

      We’ll eliminate any push and pull with outside vendors and ensure cohesion of all your IT systems and networks—to eliminate any tech headaches, both now and in the future.

      Working with senior living owners and operators is what we do—and you can trust us to make your life easier and your community more profitable and secure.


      Integrity, insight, and information technology—that’s the RSN Technolgies way. Let’s talk about your IT project today!

      What are our happy clients saying about RSN Technolgies?

      Hear from a real client who benefitted from our expert tech support and services:

      “RSN spent hours working on and off-site to troubleshoot and solve many of the issues that come with a startup. They were always accessible, even late at night when our front desk phone went offline or staff needed assistance with learning the phone system or setting up their computers. The patience, service, and professionalism that RSN Technologies showed my staff and our residents certainly made my life easier during a stressful time of opening a senior community.”

      Executive Director

      RSN Technologies is dedicated to helping the senior living industry run smoothly and efficiently. Our comprehensive IT solutions will simplify your life and elevate your brand.

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