It’s another hectic day in your senior living community. There are details to enter into your software platforms, reports to generate, virtual meetings to attend, new residents to onboard, and current residents to care for. A fast Wi-Fi network, telephone system, and trouble-free individual computers are essential.

Technology is great when it’s working. When it’s not, you need it fixed, fast. You have no idea what’s wrong, and your IT staff is otherwise occupied, or while they are great at solving a glitch here and there or instructing you how to use software, troubleshooting major issues isn’t in their wheelhouse.

Remote IT troubleshooting to the rescue! It’s help at a moment’s notice from your IT consultant–no waiting for technical support to arrive or your internal team to carve out time. IT problems can ruin productivity, gum up your workflow, and even bring your business to a standstill. Let’s take a look at what remote IT troubleshooting is, how it works, and why your IT consultant is the best team for the job.

What Is Remote IT Troubleshooting?

Remote IT troubleshooting involves access to computers and other integral parts of your IT system remotely using support software. This allows technicians to connect and control devices from anywhere to resolve any technical issues that plague your workday. 

This software also provides the ability to monitor systems and run diagnostic tests from anywhere. This is useful when multiple computers need to be managed.

How Remote IT Troubleshooting Works

We mentioned that remote troubleshooting identifies and fixes issues without having to set foot in your office, and depending on the issues, your technician will use one of two methods:

Attended Remote IT Troubleshooting

Attended remote IT troubleshooting, which is also called on-demand remote support, is when you need immediate help from a remote support technician. When you call your IT consultant, a technician connects to the device and takes control. Attended remote support means the technician can solve any problems as quickly as possible.

Unattended Remote IT Troubleshooting

You don’t even have to be at the office for unattended remote IT troubleshooting. Unattended remote troubleshooting is when a technician connects to a device without the user being present.

This allows the technician to connect when your staff is away from their computers so they don’t have to take time out of their busy workday to be present during the session.

This type of troubleshooting is usually done with issue resolution, patch, and software updates, all of which, if not done regularly, can cause operational and security problems. 

Your IT Consultant Is the Best Source for Remote IT Troubleshooting

When it comes to remote IT troubleshooting, expertise and experience really count. Let’s face it–technology these days is constantly innovating, and it’s impossible for your in-house staff to keep up. 

Your IT consultant, on the other hand, lives their professional life on the leading edge. If special knowledge is required, you can be sure they have it. But there are other benefits to calling your IT consultant to remotely fix issues.

  • Efficiency. Remote IT troubleshooting is fast. There’s no waiting for a technician to travel to your location.
  • Cost savings. Remote support means assistance without the costs that come with an on-site visit.
  • Increased productivity. There’s no waiting around for hours for someone to troubleshoot your problems, so tech-related issues are solved quickly and your staff can get back to work.

And, there’s an added bonus. Your IT consultant employs trained, proactive problem solvers. It’s not just about what’s happening now, but identifying and solving issues that may not be a problem now, but have the potential to create them in the future. 

In summary, by using your IT consultant to do your remote troubleshooting, you can save money, increase efficiency, boost productivity, and take a proactive approach to your entire IT ecosystem. 

Choosing the Right IT Consultant

You should use a consultant for your remote IT troubleshooting for all of the reasons listed. Experience does count, especially experience with senior living communities. You know you’re a unique business with the heavy responsibility of caring for and providing quality of life to your clients.

Your IT consultant should not only understand your business, but have the required sense of urgency when you have a technical problem. 

“I have worked with RSN Technologies over the past ten years, and their response, remedy, and results are fantastic. They have a firm knowledge of the Senior Living Industry and recognize the importance of real-time operations and application. They get it.”

– James Cox, Executive Director

This understanding, sense of immediacy, and true compassion for your industry and the people who staff it make RSN Technologies the perfect choice. We are your IT Team, and we take that responsibility seriously. Your success is our success. From your CTO to your help desk support, you’ll be backed by an industry renowned engineering staff, and an operational team driven to ensure the highest level of commitment to our customers. Reach out today and let’s get started taking your IT worries away.