When an IT glitch comes up in your senior living community, it may seem like a quick, easy fix; something you can do yourself to save time and money. 

But keep in mind—DIY is great for baking birthday cakes, or building bookshelves…

For senior living providers facing problems or issues with their IT infrastructure, not so much! Inexpert tinkering with IT problems is most likely to make the problems worse, not solve them. It may even cause irreparable harm to your data, software, or hardware.

Make sure DIY doesn’t turn into disaster by leaving the following IT problems to the pros.

IT problems senior living providers shouldn’t try to fix themselves

Internet upgrades 

Internet upgrades require specialized expertise which most providers don’t possess. Internet upgrades are also time-consuming and can disrupt daily operations, leading to dissatisfied residents—for instance, when Grandma wants to FaceTime with the grandkids, but she can’t because you crashed the internet in the entire building!

An IT professional will have access to the technology, have the right technical expertise, and can get the upgrades done efficiently and with minimal disruption. They will also offer ongoing support to keep your community’s internet service reliable and secure.

Entering telecom contracts 

Do you understand the fine print? Senior living providers should not enter telecom contracts without consulting an IT professional because they may not have the necessary expertise to evaluate the technical and security aspects of the agreement, potentially leading to costly mistakes or data breaches. For your peace of mind, double check before you sign!

Equipment failures/reboots 

Seems so easy, right? Just reboot and you’re good to go? Not so fast! Rebooting equipment without consulting an IT professional can result in further damage or data loss. IT professionals can identify the root cause of the issue and take appropriate measures to keep it from happening again. Invite us in for troubleshooting—that’s what you’re paying us for, after all!

More DIY “Don’ts”

Don’t invite outside contractors or vendors into your tech closet without informing your IT professional first, so they can make sure that everything is still working properly after the contractors/vendors leave. 

Don’t ever open links directly from an email. Always go to the website if you want to learn more or explore further. Phishing emails use links to direct the recipient to a fake website or a malicious download, tricking them into giving away sensitive information or downloading malware. Bring in your IT help desk if you are unsure, and always be specific with as much information as possible with help desk requests.

Don’t order computers or IT infrastructure equipment without consulting your IT professional first. Ordering on the fly usually results in your community paying more for a home/business license for the computer—and that’s the best-case scenario. The IT equipment your senior living community relies on needs to meet certain specs for security and performance. Make sure you’re getting the right stuff!

Don’t download free apps as a workaround without approval from your IT professional first. Even if it calls itself a “Microsoft app,” it could be used as part of a hack if it’s not secure. New apps will usually require licenses and communication between platforms—getting this wrong will result in massive headaches. Check with us first—oftentimes RSN will have recommendations for which tech and apps to choose to solve your issue. We may even be able to create bespoke apps, interfaces, and software for your specific needs.

RSN Technologies ensures your IT system’s success, every step of the way

Avoid the Blue Screen of Death – or worse – by having a plan in place for when the small issues pop up. The best way to do this is with a proven, reputable IT provider who can work with your community every step of the way, from strategy, to implementation, to troubleshooting.

At RSN Technologies, IT for senior living communities is what we do. With twenty-five years in business, we have seen and solved just about every IT problem there is. Contact us today to learn how we can partner with your senior living community!