Custom IT Management Services for Senior Living Operators

Residents and staff at your senior living communities rely on Information Technology every day, to communicate with loved ones, to manage important health information and equipment—and to run your business. Set your senior living community’s IT infrastructure up the right way, right from the start. Whether you’re breaking ground on a brand new site, or upgrading an acquisition, RSN Technologies is your trusted, expert partner for all things IT, every step of the way.

Onboarding With RSN

Teaming up with RSN Technologies means you are teaming up with over twenty-five years of experience providing IT services specifically to the Senior Living niche.

Each of our client accounts has a dedicated account manager that understands the senior living industry and understands the end user for your IT systems.

We are here to help you design and implement custom IT solutions for your communities, and it all begins with our onboarding process.

    Leading the Way

    When you join forces with RSN Technologies, our executive leadership will meet with your organization’s leaders and decision makers to determine what your business’ objectives and challenges are in regards to IT, and how RSN can get you to where you need to be.

      Helping You Define Your Goals

      Our collaboration with senior living providers begins with a targeted set of questions to determine exactly what your IT needs are and how we can best serve them. Understanding the scope of the project at hand is the essential first step to setting your IT infrastructure up for long-term success.

        Adaptable Services to Meet Your Needs

        A major benefit of working with RSN Technologies is that our support and services are flexible and customizable. We can create a team for whatever you need. Treat us like you would your employee team, but without the overhead and logistics. We can be “in-house” as much as you want us to be— if you need a CTO at a meeting or event, we can serve in that role—or we can stay behind the scenes if you prefer.

          Customizable Choices

          Your business is unique, and your IT support and service package will be too. When it comes to technology, it’s never a one-size-fits-all solution. Whatever your IT help your organization needs, RSN Technologies has you covered.

            IT Services for Your Senior Living Community:

            Comprehensive Project Management, from Start to Finish

            When it comes to your senior living community’s IT project management needs we bring the same level of care and attention to detail that you bring to caring for older adults and their families.

            Lives and livelihoods depend on your community’s IT systems—it’s vital your IT projects are expertly planned, executed, and managed. Unlike most IT service providers, RSN Technologies’ expert team understands construction as well as operations. We bring a comprehensive approach to project management and provide operational support along with tech support.

            We’ll even work with your vendors to design a custom IT network that specifically addresses your community’s needs.

            RSN sees to it that your IT systems work together seamlessly, all your vendors are on the same page, and your entire community infrastructure is reliable, customized, and comprehensive, leaving you free to focus on running your senior living community.

            Think of our skilled staff as both a strategic extension of your IT team and expert operational support for any IT infrastructure projects your community may have

            From the Ground Up—IT Systems Support and Development for New Construction

            When you’re building a new senior living community from the ground up, you’ve got enough to keep track of without worrying about all the details that go into setting up an IT system.

            RSN Technologies will design and establish a customized, holistic IT network that meets all your senior living community’s unique needs and goals, today, and in the future.

            Don’t just cobble the parts together and hope for the best—you need quality IT systems that will work together seamlessly and go the distance.

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            Our comprehensive IT systems design will integrate your senior living project’s:

            • Wi-Fi
            • Telecommunications
            • HVAC
            • CCTV
            • Nurse Call Systems

            RSN’s expert team knows and understands the construction process from the foundations to the rafters. We collaborate with your vendors to ensure quality, accountability, and oversight, so your new community’s IT network gets up and running smoothly, on time, and on budget—and you won’t have to worry about a thing!

            Contracts and Vendor Relations

            RSN Technologies will help you establish clear communication with your vendors and ensure their accountability. We build a bridge between you and them, so no information gets missed or misinterpreted along the way.

            Networks and Telecom

            RSN can set up and streamline your enterprise Wi-Fi and phone systems, HVAC and CCTV, and Nurse Call systems, and coordinate access to all of your community’s SaaS platforms. We will also maintain and troubleshoot your systems so you can focus on the seniors in your care.

            Day-to-Day Helpdesk

            Senior living is an industry with unique technology needs. The stakes are high if something goes wrong! RSN is standing by to serve our clients if any problem should arise. Our guaranteed response time is two hours and we work hard to get there even faster.

            Procurement and Purchasing

            After 25+ years in the IT business, we know what works and what doesn’t when it comes to IT equipment. RSN can help get your community set up with equipment that meets your requirements and fits your budget.

            We Stay on Top of It

            Keeping up to date with contacts, equipment, renewals etc. can be a massive headache. RSN will manage these minutiae for you so you can concentrate on your business.

            RSN Is Here for You

            Your IT infrastructure is critical to your business’ performance and your residents’ safety and well-being. Make sure you get it right by partnering with the senior living industry’s best, most trusted resource for all things IT—RSN Technologies.

            Contact us today to learn more about how we can help your community thrive.

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