Enterprise Voice Systems

Advanced voice solutions, supported by vendor certified engineers

Disaster solutions cooked in. How do you handle emergencies and evacuations? Who do you reach out to if calls from worried family members and employees need to forward to an informational call center? We not only have the solution; we’ve put it to the test during real world evacuations.

Existing building integrations, and new construction, with local or regional failover.


Single building, or multi-building enterprise solutions.


Integration with 3rd party systems such as CCTV, overhead paging, entry door systems, are of refuge, soft phones, and handheld wireless handsets.

Our Approach
Anyone can sell you a phone system, and most phone systems are about the same, regardless of how they are marketed. The difference is how you support that phone system, how quickly you respond, and how quickly problems get resolved.? We maintain Tier 1 support agreements with the manufacturer of the equipment we install, as well as staff certified engineers in those products and solutions.
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“RSN Technologies was integral in setting up our IT programming at one of our senior living community. They went above and beyond as we worked to put together our Enterprise Wi-Fi, Enterprise Voice System, our IT systems for office and resident use. They make sure to manage all projects for our telecommunication efforts dealing directly with AT&T and DIRECTV.”

Executive Director