Enterprise Wi-Fi System

From planning, design, installation, and support, our team of wireless engineers will install a robust solution to meet your unique business requirements.


New construction and existing infrastructure.


A project management team that has the experience of hundreds of successful installations.


Secure and reliable.


Multiple wireless networks to support all of your business systems that rely on a stable Wi-Fi system.

Our Approach
Wi-Fi systems are not just a “set it and forget it” system. They require constant monitoring and adjustment, or they will degrade over time. We understand this, and have very specific systems and processes in place to ensure your Wi-Fi systems continues to run at peak performance at all times.
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“The team at RSN provide excellent customer service. They are always readily available to provide technical support. I’ve always received prompt resolution to any issue. Our company recently transitioned to a new assisted living software program that utilizes enterprise Wi-Fi and due in large part to the efficiency of the team at RSN it has been a smooth transition.”

Senior Regional Assisted Living Director